Activity Types: Drag and Drop


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What are Drag and Drop Activities?
A drag and drop is an activity that graphically represents ideas and/or information and requires the user to make connections between those representations. The user is presented with a question or task or diagram that becomes a “container” that is missing pieces of information. Icons that represent the missing information are provided as choices. The user must drag the icon to the correct or appropriate matching “container.”

Skeleton Drag and Drop

Advantages for use in the classroom:

  • Help students clarify thinking by seeing how ideas are connected and
    realize how information can be grouped or organized.
  • Students recreate, graphically, what they've learned. This helps them absorb and
    internalize new information.
  • Integrate new knowledge and build on prior knowledge and
    internalize new information helping facts and ideas fit together.
  • Can easily correct misconceptions.


  • The process is difficult to recreate without an electronic device.


Examples of Online Drag and Drop Activities:

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