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What is a Blog?

A blog might be considered an online journal or personal record, either text or graphical, that describes events, thoughts, ideas, reflections from the author's perspective. For educational purposes, we use the term "edublog." Journals kept for the purposes of creating writing pieces from the thoughts and ideas collected within are called a writer's diary. Journals that incorporate pictures or grahics are called photo journals. Journals may be created individually, or collectively as a cumulative journal. In a cumulative journal, each student creates a journal entry and then all of the journal entries are compiled into a group journal.

Although most journals we typically construct use a word processor, other tools are just effective. See an example of an online journal at Flat Stanley Visits Texas, created using a simple web page editor. Another Flat Stanley story, Caleb and Flat Stanley, was created using Blogger, a blogging tool! In addition, the record keeping function of a database makes an excellent journal and reflection collection tool. “Forms” can be created to assist authors in recording consistent “types” of information, such as comments and other information relevant to the reflection or journal entry. Graphic information such as pictures scanned from the book or related pictures taken with a digital camera can also be collected into the database.

However, the newest phenomena in journaling is the use of online blogs (web logs) to communicate thoughts and gather feedback regarding those thoughts, thereby taking journaling to a new level of interactivity. The use of blogs for personal journaling is exploding. Over 56 million Americans read a blog daily (PEW,July 2006) and over 12 million Americans post to a blog on a regular basis--that's a new blog created every 11 seconds. Check out a few of the blogs that are available for topics of interest to teachers:

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