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What is a Treasure Hunt?
A more advanced, specialized form of a Linklist, called a Treasure Hunt, is a set of questions that incorporate URLs or graphic links to the Web pages where answers to the questions are located. Learners then “collect” the answers. In fact, often learners are asked to collect the answer by copying the text or a graphic from the page and pasting into another document, such as a MS Word document. Treasure Hunts are more advanced in difficulty because students are required to use “Web reading” or scanning the information on the screen to identify needed information to answer the question and collect that data.

The skills you will be teaching in this activity include identifying hyperlinks on the page in the form of icons and graphics. This is done by locating the links with the cursor (turns into a pointing hand if the icon or graphic will link to another page.) You can also teach copying images and text from the Internet and pasting into a word processing document with this activity type.

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