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What are 3D Book Reports?

A book report is defined as a written account describing a book that one has read; however, there are many ways to have students create reports--especially useful for quality learning when the final product requires them to summarize information and present it to others.

This first version of a book report is created with MS PowerPoint. The purpose is to help students analyze stories or novels so that they more fully understand the literary elements at play, as well as the composition of the story. The outline feature of PowerPoint provides a structure for ideas and facts that help students learn to organize and prioritize information. The outline can be ported in to a word processing document for a written project if desired (use File>Send for the transfer). See sample of a template at Book Report.

The second version of a book report is called a 3D Book Report because an object is drawn using the PowerPoint tools, then cut out and the final product assembled as a cube. Although the purpose of this type of book report is usually to display graphical information, it can be used to depict major events in a story line, timeline events, etc. See sample here. Advantages for use in the classroom:

  • Provides students with a practical method of displaying and grouping graphical information.


  • Information display usually for lower grad levels.

Other Examples of Book Reports:


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