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What are Brochures?

According to, a brochure is “A small booklet or pamphlet, often containing promotional material or product information.” Brochures are also formatted and published using MS Word, but a brochure is normally a persuasive piece of writing. When developing a brochure, more than any other type of literature, the medium is the message. That doesn’t mean the words don’t count but it does mean that the size and shape of the piece, the way it folds, the paper stock, and the overall use of graphics make a strong impression. If this impression is off the mark, it is difficult for the words to turn it around.

Folding publications provide a convenient format for students to promote concepts, research, or events. The folded piece can be mailed (either in a standard envelope or as a self-mailer). This format also works well for a series of lessons - once you work out the format, you can make a template and reuse it over and over again.

Advantages for use in the classroom:

  • Excellent method of organizing material around a them or publishing student research

  • Useful for focus and comprehension evaluation activities

  • Can be used in small group activities

  • Can practice concise and persuasive writing projects (Text should be concise with integrated graphics to promote message)

  • Present unique conceptual and design opportunities for students

Disadvantages for use in the classroom:

  • Art placement or balance can create problems for some students

Student examples:

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