Activity Types: Surveys & Polls


Getting "Handy" in the classroom with technology integration

What is a Survey or a Poll?
A survey (or poll) is an instrument for gathering a data or opinions. Questions are composed and sent to respondents who then complete the questions. The use of “real” data, collected by students, adds interest and relevance to instruction, as well as provides insights into the student’s world. A database (see sample: My Favorite Things) or a spreadsheet can be used as the collection device.

  • Check out this poll: If You. . .
    Students read five books by Laura Numeroff and then voted on their favorites. Student votes are entered into an Excel workbook and results are charted.
  • Check out this survey: Pets Galore. . .
    Students collect information from their classmates about the kinds of pets they have at home. Information is entered into the Excel workbook and chart the data. This makes a great pictograph? Do you know how to create a pictograph?

Online tools now make adding polls and mini-surveys to your blog or wiki a snap! Take a look at the polling tool available as a "New Page Element" that can be added to your blog (from the help section available at and PollDaddy (at is an online tool that helps you create a poll and embed it in your web page, wiki, or blog!

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