Activity Types: ePhoto Album Stories


Getting "Handy" in the classroom with technology integration

What are ePhoto Albums?
ePhoto Albums are digital stories are movies that tell the story of the student’s life story by adapting the student's digital photos, scanned images, yearbooks, or old family movies. The student then either inserts an appropriate music background or records a narrative to explain how the images relate to the student. Students may compose one entry which can be compiled with other student journals to create a class album. The same type of product can be completed as a PowerPoint presentation.

Advantages for use in the classroom:

  • "Stretching" creative thinking skills--Taking visual input such as pictures and describing a relationship between the visual and the event requires higher order thinking skills and practice in sotryling creation
  • Can be used in partner or small group activities
  • Students can be taught how to create storyboards for narratives

Disadvantages for use in the classroom:

  • Points of frustration: Students who take pictures first without thinking about the process are often frsutrated because they can't make the pictures "go together" OR students are looking for a particular "shot" are often frustrated because they cannot take pictures that fit their ideas.
  • Not a quick activity and may not be an independent activity. Students need time to think through the process, collect their picutres, and work on the descriptions


Student Sample: Looking for a Topic

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