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What are iAdventure stories?
iAdventure stories are classified as interactive stories--those stories that include an interactive component, either through simulating an environment or having the readers/audience members interact with the story itself by making choices along the way. (In other words, the character reaches a decision point and the readers/audience members make the choice as to how the story will progress). The

The iAdventure web site explains this form of the interactive story this way:

Students work their way through the story, they are faced with a series of dilemmas, in which choices must be made. At these points, the teacher has provided links to Internet sites with real-world data, "primary" documents, and other valuable web resources. Students visit these sites, collect data, read various documents, view video and images, and interact with the activities. After analyzing the information, they make an informed decision about the next course of action for their character (n.p.).

Examples of this type of storytelling can be found in the "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories, so familiar to us a few years ago. Video games incorporate these same techniques; so if you are interested in video game construction, creating Interactive stories is a good way to familiarize yourself with developing storylines for video games! The North Canton Middle School Discover class has developed online versions of their stories, and even PBS includes an interactive mystery (constructed using Flash) to entice viewers. The organizational skills required to write up a story with two, three or four story lines requires ADVANCED problem-solving and creative thinking skills. For middle and high school students, keep in mind that no more than two decision points should be required.


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