Roundhouse Diagram


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What is a Roundhouse Diagram?

A Roundhouse diagram is a circular, two-dimensional geometric figure, divided into seven wedges around a central inner circle. Based on the research of Ward and Wandersee (2002), the diagram is used to assist students in processing conceptual information by "chunking" the new information into seven sections--with each chunk iconically represented in each section of the Roundhouse diagram.

More information is available in the following articles:

Ward, R. E., & Wandersee, J. H. (2002). Struggling to understand abstract science topics: A Roundhouse diagram-based study. International Journal of Science Education, 24(6), 575-591.

Ward, R. E., & Wandersee, J. H. (2001) Visualizing Science using the Roundhouse Diagram. ScienceScope, January 2001.

Directions for constructing a Roundhouse Diagram

Example of Completed Roundhouse Diagram

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